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By N. J. Skelton, W. G. Allaway (auth.), Yuk-Shan Wong, Nora F. Y. Tam (eds.)

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Mangrove ecosystems are regular formations present in coastal deposits of dust and silt through the tropics and a few distance into the subtropical latitudes. the full wordwide mangrove sector, that's envisioned at approximately 170,000 km2 with a few sixty species of timber and shrubs unique to the habitat, dominates nearly seventy five% of the world's beach among latitudes 25°N and 25°S. Such special intertidal ecosystems aid genetically various groups of terrestrial and aquatic organisms which are of direct or oblique socioeconomic values. Mangrove forests play vital roles as coastal stabilization and safeguard opposed to winds and storms; manufacturers of foodstuff, woodland assets and animal species of monetary significance. lately, the problems at the conservation, right usage and administration of mangrove forests were extensively mentioned. regrettably, overexploitation and destruction of mangroves heavily threatens the sustainability of one of these special surroundings.
This quantity comprises papers on 3 major components: fresh advances in mangrove ecology; software and usage of mangrove assets; and conservation and administration of the ecosystems.

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However this method is limited to low values of the suspended sediment concentration (SSC), typically less than OA g l~l. For higher concentrations, the turbidity is too high for in situ photography. 3 g l~ 1), this technique reveals an abundance of large clay 35 ~ 3c 3d 3e Fig 3 Microphotographs of estuarine sediment (a) sediment particles in suspension in the fresh water region of the Fly River estuary. in Papua New Guinea, where the sedunent particles are not flocculated; (b) clay floes in suspension in the saline region of the Amazon River plume (adapted from GIbbs & Konwar.

Each pot was placed in a 4 I ice-cream container to limit drainage and a perforated 15 ml centrifuge tube containing Richgrow Osmocote™ slow-release fertilizer was forced vertically into the soil and renewed every six months. The ice-cream containers with their pots were immediately placed in tidal tanks, as described by Curran et al. (1985). Briefly, this system consisted of two outdoor tanks approximately two metres square and 900 mm deep. The tanks were side by side with a sunny northerly aspect, and where necessary to refer to individual tanks the terms 'east' and 'west' are used.

This mechanism may be efficient because some suspended material is trapped in small eddies shed by the vegetation and the rugged substrate (Fig. 6). Little is known about the efficiency of this mechanism. Two important processes for trapping clay particles in suspension in mangroves are the particle sticking to bacterial, algal or animal mucus, and pelletisation by benthic detritivores deposit-feeding on the sediment surface. , 1986 ClfcuJatlon of flow and pollutant disperSIOn m meandenng channels J FlUid Mech 172 63-92 Dronkers, J & W van Leussen (eds), 1998 PhYSICal processes 10 estuaries Spnnger-Verlag, Berhn, 560 pp Dyer, K , 1986 Coastal and estuarme sediment dynamiCS J Wiley, New York, 342 pp Elsma, D, T Schuhmacher, H Boekel, J van Heerwaarden, H Franken, M Laan, A V~, F Eugenraam & J Kalf, 1990 A camera and Image analYSIS system for m Situ ob~ervatlons of floes 10 natural waters Netherlands J Sea Res 27 43-56 Faas, R W, 1986 Mass phYSical and geotechmcal properties of surI1clai sediments and dense nearbed sediment suspensIOns on the Amazon continental shelf Cont Shelf Res 4 189-208 Gibbs, R J , 1983 Effect of natural coatings on the coagulation of particles EnViron SCI Tech 17 237-240 Gibbs, R J, 1985 Estuarme flocs their Size, settlmg velOCity and denSity J Geophys Res 90 3249-3251 Gibbs, R J & L Konwar, 1983 Disruption of mmeral flocs usmg Nlskm bottles EnViron SCI Tech 17,374-375 Gibbs, R J & L Konwar, 1986 Coagulation and settlmg of Amazon River suspended sediment Cont Shelf Res 6 127-149 Gibbs, R J, D M Tshudy, L Konwar & J M Martin, 1989 Coagulation and transport of fine sediment 10 the Glronde estuary Sedimentology 36 987-999 Gust, G , 1976 Observations on turbulent-drag reduction m a dilute suspensIOn of clay 10 sea water J FlUid Mech 75 29-47 Haven, D S & R Morales Alamo, 1972 BlOdepOSltlon as a factor 10 sedimentation of fine suspended sohds m estuaries In B W Nelson (ed ), EnVironmental framework of coastal plmn estuaries Geological SOCiety of Amenca MemOirs 133 121-130 Honjo, S ,K Doherty, Y Agrawal & V Asper, 1984 Direct optical assessment of large amorphous aggregates (manne snow) 10 the deep ocean Deep-Sea Res 31 67-76 Jiang, F & A J Mehta, 1992 Some observations on flUid med response to water waves In D Prandle (ed) Dynrumcs and exchanges 10 estuanes and the coastal zone Amencan GeophysIcal Umon, Washmgton D C 351-376 Kmeke, G C, 1993 FlUid muds on the Amazon contmental shelf Ph D dissertation, Umverslty of Washmgton, Seattle, 259 pp Kmg, E & E Wolanski, 1994 Drag reduction m turbid estuanes In C Pattlaratchl (ed) PhYSICS of estuaries and coastal bays (10 press) Krone, R B, 1972 A field study of flocculatIOn as a factor m estuanal shoalmg processes Techn Bull 19, Committee on Tidal 42 Hydrauhcs, us Army Corps of Engmeers WES, VIcksburg, 91 pp Larcombe, P & P V Rldd, 1992 Dry season hydrodynrurucs and sedIment transport m mangrove creeks and some Imphcattons for the mterpretatton of buned mangrove sequences Proc Int Conf of PhYSICS of Estuanes & Shallow Seas Margaret RIver 8-10 Dec 1992, West AustralIa LI, Y, E Wolanskl & Q Xte, 1993 CoagulatIOn and setthng of suspended sedIment m the JlaoJlang RIver estuary, Chma J Coastal Res 9 390-402 Man, P -Y & A J Mehta, 1987 FlUId mud erosIon by waves a laboratory study Cont Shelf Res 7 1269-1284 Mehta, A J ,1986 CharactenzattOn of cohesIve sedunent propertIes and transport processes m estuanes In A ] Mehta (ed ) Estuanne cohe~lve sedIment dynatnlcs Lecture Notes Coastal Estuanne StudIes 14 290-325 Mehta, A ] & E Parthemades, 1975 An mvestlgatton of the deposItional properties of flocculated fine sedIments ] Hydr Res ASCE 13 361-381 Parchure, T M & A ] Mehta, 1985 ErOSIon of soft cohesIve sedIment depoSIts ] Hydr DIVISIon ASCE III 1308-1326 Postma, H , 1961 Transport and accumulation of suspended matter In the Dutch Wadden Sea Neth ] Sea Res 1 148-190 Postma, H, 1967 SedIment transport and sedImentatIon m the manne enVlfonment In G H Lauff (ed ) Estuanes Assoc Am SCI Publ 83 WashIngton, DC 158-179 RIethmuller, R ,H U Fanger, I Grabemann, H L Krasemann, K Ohm, J Bomng, L ] R Neumann, G Lang, M Marfosky & Schubert R , 1988 HydrographIc measurements In the turbIdIty zone of the Weser estuary In ] Dronkers & W van Leussen (eds ) PhYSIcal processes In estuanes Spnnger-Verlag, Berhn 332-344 Ross, W M, 1988 VertIcal structure of estuanne fine sedIment suspensIOn Ph D thesIS, Coastal & Oceanog EngIn Dept, Umverslty of Gamesvtlle, Flonda SImpson, J H & I D James, 1986 Convergent fronts In the clrcula tlOn on tIdal estuanes In D A Wolfe (ed) EstuarIne varIablhty AcademIC Press, London Stolzenbach, K D, K Newman & C Wong, 1992 AggregatIOn of fine particles at the sedIment-water Interface ] Geophys Res 97 17889-17898 Trowbndge, ] H & G C Kmeke, 1993 Structure and dynrurucs of flUId muds over the Amazon continental shelf Mar Geol Tundlsl, ] , T M Tundlsl & M Kutner, 1973 Planklon studIes m a mangrove enVlfonment VIII Further studIes on pnmary pro ductlon, standmg crop and phyto- and zooplankton and some envIronmental factors Intern Revue der Gesamten HydroblOlogle 58 925-940 UlterwlJk WInkel, A P B, 1975 Mlcroblologlsche apscten en het sedlmenattegedrag van nVlershb RIJkswaterstaat, DlrektIe WaterhUlshoundmg en Waterbewegmg, DIstnct ZUldwest, Report No 44 006 001, 60 pp Uncles,R] &] A Stevens, 1993 Natureoftheturbldltymru{lmum In the Tamar Estuary, U K Estuarme Coastal Shelf SCI 36 413432 van Leussen, W, 1988 AggregatIOn of partIcles, settlIng velOCIty of mud flocs A revIew In] Dronkers & W van Leussen (eds ) PhYSIcal processes m estuanes Spnnger-Verlag, Berhn 347403 Wellerhaus, S, 1981 TurbIdIty maxImum and mud shoahng m the Weserestuary Arch HydroblOl 92 161-198 Wells,] T, 1983 DynamICs of coastal flUId muds m low-, moderate, and hlgh-tlde-range envIronments Can ] FIsh Aquat SCI 40 (suppl I) 130-142 Wells, ] T, 1989 In SItu measurements of large aggregates over a flUId mud bed ] Coastal Res 5 75-86 Wells,] T &H H Roberts,1981 FlUldmuddynamlcsandshorelme stablhsatton Proc Int Conf Coastal Eng, Sydney 17 13821401 Wolanskl, E , 1992 HydrodynamICS of mangrove swamps and theIr coastal waters HydroblOlogm 247 141-161 WolanskI, E & W Hamner, 1988 Topographically controlled fronts In the ocean and theIr bIOlogIcal mfiuence SCIence 241 177-181 WolanskI, E & M Eagle, 1991 Oceanography and sedIment transport In the Fly RIver estuary and Gulf of Papua Proc 10th Austr Conf Coastal & Ocean Eng, Auckland 453-457 Wolanskl, E & R GIbbs, 1994 Flocculatton of suspended sediment m the Fly River estuary, Papua New Gumea ] Coastal Res (m press) WolanskI, E ,] Chappell, P RIdd, & R Vertessy, 1988 FlUldlsatlon of mud m estuanes J Geophys Res 93 2351-2361 Wolanskl, E , Y Mazda & P Rldd, 1992a Mangrove hydrodynamICS In A I Robertson & D Alongt (eds) TropIcal mangrove ecosystems Amencan GeophYSical Umon, Washmgton D C 43-62 WolanskI, E ,R GIbbs, Y Mazda, A Mehta & B Kmg, 1992b The role of turbulence m the setthng of mud flocs J Coastal Res 8 35-46 WolanskI, E, B Kmg & D Galloway, 1994 DynamiCs of the turbIdIty maxImum m the Fly RIver estuary, Papua New Gumea Estuanne Coastal Shelf SCI (m press) Hydrobiologia 295: 4~9, 1995.

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Asia-Pacific Symposium on Mangrove Ecosystems: Proceedings of the International Conference held at The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, September 1–3, 1993 by N. J. Skelton, W. G. Allaway (auth.), Yuk-Shan Wong, Nora F. Y. Tam (eds.)

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