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By V. Odajnyk

ISBN-10: 1137008881

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ISBN-13: 9781349349241

Introducing a brand new typology according to energy, Eros, subject and Spirit because the motivations that outline human attitudes and behavior, the booklet outlines 8 character varieties in accordance with the extraverted and introverted deployment of the 4 drives and applies those typological different types to Freud, Adler and Jung.

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Nor should we forget Adam, whose name is derived from adamah, meaning “earth,” and who was formed from the “dust of the ground,” which is the realm of the serpent, and whose “rib” provided the materia out of which Eve was created. In Judaism and Christianity the serpent is regarded as the enemy of spirit.

The trickster is the shadow of the puer and puella archetypes. 16 In my opinion, Beebe’s attribution of the above positive and shadow archetypes to the dominant, secondary, tertiary and inferior functions seems somewhat arbitrary. Perhaps these are the archetypal forces related to his personal typology, but I do not think they have a more general application. The connections, on the other hand, between thinking and Logos, feeling and Eros, intuition and Spirit, and sensation and Matter are not derived from personal psychology, but have an established conceptual and philosophical foundation.

He considered typology a dynamic and not a static phenomenon which changed with Introduction 7 circumstances and during various stages of life. In fact, Jung’s idea of psychological development includes the aim of consciously attempting to improve one’s inferior orientations and functions to achieve a “wellrounded” personality. Archetypal-motivational typology In contrast to Jung’s typology, with its focus on conscious orientation and functioning, archetypal-motivational typology explores the unconscious archetypal motivations that inform a person’s conscious attitudes and behavior and outlines a typology based on these motivations.

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