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By Jacques Derrida

"My death—is it possible?"

That is the query requested, explored, and analyzed in Jacques Derrida's new publication. "Is my demise possible?" How is that this query to be understood? How and by means of whom can it's requested, can or not it's quoted, can it's a suitable query, and will it's requested within the acceptable second, the instant of "my death"? one of many aporetic reports touched upon during this seminal essay is the most unlikely, but unavoidable event that "my death" can by no means topic to an adventure that will be effectively mine, that i will have, and account for, but that there's, even as, not anything towards me and extra correctly mine than "my death."

This booklet bears a distinct importance simply because in it Derrida specializes in a subject matter that has knowledgeable the total of his paintings as much as the current. For the final thirty years, Derrida has many times, in a number of contexts and diverse methods, broached the query of aporia. Making it his significant drawback right here Derrida stakes out a brand new frontier, at which the talk together with his paintings needs to ensue any more: the talk in regards to the aporia among singularity and generality, in regards to the nationwide, linguistic, and cultural specificity of expertise and the trans-national, trans-cultural legislation that protects this specificity of expertise and of the need to proceed operating within the culture of critique and of the assumption of critique, but the corresponding necessity to go beyond it with out compromising it; the aporetical legal responsibility to host the foreigner and the alien and but to appreciate him, her, or it as foreign.

The international or the foreigner has regularly been thought of a determine of demise, and loss of life a determine of the international. How this determine has been taken care of within the analytic of loss of life in Heidegger's Being in Time is explored by means of Derrida in analytical journey de strength that may not fail to set new criteria for the dialogue of Heidegger and for facing philosophical texts, with their limits and their aporias. The unique dialogue of the theoretical presuppositions of modern cultural histories of demise (Ariès, for instance) and of mental theorizations of demise (including Freud's) increase the scope of Derrida's research and point out the effect of the aporia of "my death" for any attainable idea.

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And who would not recognize here the crossing of borders? For, if death figures this theme or this fundamental concept, which guarantees the very possibility of the existential analysis, it is also and first ofall because death takes a figure. It has a privileged form, the crossing ofa line (between existence and non-existence, Dasein and non- Dasein- I am not saying between living and dying). Upon this figure depend all the threads of the braid mentioned above: 1. The thread that passes between two cultural or historical borders (being-to-death would here be without border, hence universal, but universal within the borders that separate Dasein Awaiting (at) the Arrival 59 from any other entity and from any other living thing, in particular from 2.

53 1). Indeed, Thomas wants to resolve the problem of death, nothing more and nothing less. ) , the obsessional fascination that makes us lose sight of the battle for a better life, and the evasion toward fantasies of consola­ tion (narcissism) or compensation (mortifying behavior)" (p. 534). existential analysis maintains itself well this side of all this comparatist predication, even if, at its root, and we will surely return to this, a judgment on the loss of authenticity in the relation to death also reveals, in its way-in Heidegger's way-a certain incapacity to look death in the face, to assume in a resolute fashion being-toward-death, a certain everyday leveling that is not always foreign to what is being exacerbated by a certain modernity of the modern industrial city.

What can the possibility of an imp osbe? How can we think that? How can we say it while respecting logic and meaning? How can we approach that, live, or exist it? How does one testifY to it? The first occurrence immediately follows the allusion to the s'attendre, to the imminence of the bevorstehen, by which Dasein stands before death [lattend a] as its most proper possibility: is a possibility in which," Heidegger abruptly adds, "the issue is nothing less than Dasein's being-in-the-world [in-der-Welt-Sein].

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