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By Charles Freeland

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A examine of Lacan’s engagement with the Western philosophical traditions of moral and political idea in his 7th seminar and later work.

With its privileging of the subconscious, Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytic idea would appear to be at odds with the objectives and strategies of philosophy. Lacan himself embraced the time period “anti-philosophy” in characterizing his paintings, and but his seminars undeniably evince wealthy engagement with the Western philosophical culture. those essays discover how Lacan’s paintings demanding situations and builds in this culture of moral and political concept, connecting his “ethics of psychoanalysis” to either the classical Greek culture of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, and to the Enlightenment culture of Kant, Hegel, and de Sade. Charles Freeland indicates how Lacan significantly addressed many of the key moral issues of these traditions: the pursuit of fact and the moral reliable, the beliefs of self-knowledge and the care of the soul, and the relation of ethical legislation to the tragic dimensions of loss of life and wish. instead of maintaining the characterization of Lacan’s paintings as “anti-philosophical,” those essays determine a resonance able to enriching philosophy through establishing it to wider and evermore not easy perspectives.

“Freeland’s examining of Lacan is fantastically philosophical not just simply because he examines the psychoanalyst’s accounts to philosophical discourse, yet, extra forcefully, simply because his personal strategy isn't really indebted to any of the presently dominant tendencies in psychoanalytic concept. This publication is as singular because it is insightful.” — Steven Miller, college at Buffalo, nation college of recent York

Charles Freeland is Lecturer and direction Coordinator, instructing philosophy and structure on the overseas software of layout and structure at Chulalongkorn collage in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Neurosis is so boring! Whereas madness haunts philosophy at its very origins: What is this violent form of the subject’s submersion? How can we con­ ceive of this surging up all of a sudden of a radical alterity? There is no doubt that psychosis is much more interesting for philosophy. 1 4 | o n e m a st e r , t wo e n co u n t e r s a self­sufficient matrix. Paranoia goes perfectly with struc­ tural analysis, and this is why Lacan was so interested in it. : You have pointed out a first divergence between Freud and Lacan, concerning the respective accents they place on neurosis and psychosis.

It is also because he created schools and surrounded himself with disciples. As everyone knows, a disciple is by definition often tempted to betray his master. He believes he has the means to do so. Lacan himself was perfectly well aware of this: for him, the fundamental ethical trial that someone in the position of a master will one day have to endure is betrayal. And he was, in fact, widely slandered and betrayed, probably more than anyone else during the same historical period. He still is to­ day, and will be tomorrow.

Yes, the difference was very clear at the beginning of the 1960s, above all in Paris. The orthodox Freudian ana­ lysts were proponents of a kind of vulgar materialism. They were interested in memories, emotions, in the ego, in nar­ cissistic disturbances, in normal or abnormal behaviors, and thought that anything exceeding the narrow framework of the clinic was speculative and therefore dangerous: be­ havioral psychology was not that far off. Now, Lacan made it possible to get away from this, in theory and in practice, by placing the accent on language, by an attention to what is said, and on the necessity for a break to occur at the heart of the process of the analytic cure.

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Antigone, in Her Unbearable Splendor: New Essays on Jacques Lacan's The Ethics of Psychoanalysis (SUNY series, Intersections: Philosophy and Critical Theory) by Charles Freeland

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