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Even the birds fell silent and listened to his singing, and animals left the woods and followed him. The wolf ran beside the ram, the fox with the hare, and not one of them harmed another. Even snakes slithered out of their lairs to listen, and stones got out of Orpheus's path as he sang. Rivers stopped in their courses at his song and fish came to the surface the better to hear him. People listened to him, and they laughed or they wept according to the nature of his song. They forgot their cares and had to behave as his song desired.

You know that it depends on the gods whether the year is fertile or poor, if plague visits the land or prosperity. The gods rule over the fate of humans. I myself hurl my lightning wherever I will. ” And Prometheus killed a bull, hid the flesh in the bull's skin and laid the stomach on top. He put the bones in another heap, but wrapped them in fat so they could not be seen. The heap of bones wrapped in fat was bigger, and looked as if it was better. No sooner had Prometheus prepared everything than Zeus smelt the pleasant scent of the sacrifice to come and descended from the heavens to earth.

Hephaestus unwillingly obeyed the order and chained Prometheus to the rock so firmly that he could not even move. High over an abyss, where scraps of mist floated, Prometheus hung between heaven and earth, but he would not humiliate himself, he did not beg Zeus for mercy. When Zeus saw that Prometheus did not beg for mercy and bore his fate proudly, he sent a vast eagle to Prometheus on the rock. The eagle flew to the bound Prometheus every day and, with its sharp beak, tore out his liver from his body and consumed it.

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