Analecta Dublinensia : three medieval Latin texts in the by Marvin L. Colker PDF

By Marvin L. Colker

3 medieval Latin texts of exceptional literary advantage: a full of life discussion in regards to the hypocrisy of sinful priests, which gives helpful insights into the psychology of priests who've strayed from the monastic excellent; a chain of letters which demonstrate inner politics on the monastery of St Albans and narrate the sufferings of a pupil persecuted by way of his jealous instructor; and a suite of mostly sensible and sometimes racy tales which derive a lot in their language from Petronius—the assortment additionally includes severe descriptions of assorted segments of medieval society.

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25] Gregorius: Confitentibus quidem et uere penitentibus relaxari peccata nullus fidelium ambigit. Alioquin qui uerbotenus confltentur et eadem repetunt deum offendunt et culpam augent, non minuunt. 0 quam multi in ecclesia habitum religionis induunt qui nee bis in anno, proch dolor, crimina sua presencia uel preterita plangunt;a set de nomine solo et de professione sibi blandientes et solis labiis diuina cantica depromentes cor suum polluendum tot illusionibus euncium et redeuntium102 demonum103 substernunt quot nefandorum cogitatuum fantasias uolentes recipiunt.

Admittant oracionibus om. D2). 186. ). 187. que om. D (ss. D2). [50-55] 41 aurum, a fornace prodiens plumbum uilissimum ac semiustum uideas. [53] In monasterio siquidem quodam, quo per aliquot dies mansi, fratrem huiuscemodi uidi, qui a seniore suo satis modeste increpatus quia non minimum deliquerat, mox in ipsum correptorem uerba, que repetere fas non est, insaniendo contorsit, tantaque demencia exagitatus est ut in monasterio se non amplius mansurum iureiurando protestaretur. Quern postera die ad priorem simulacionem reuersum cuiusdam necessarii negocii causa, in claustro tempore silencii residentem, ut mos est, signo ut mecum loqueretur poposci, at ipse, terribiliter me respiciens quod scilicet188 a diuine contemplacionis inmenso lumine ad uanitatem hominum reuocare tantum uirum presumerem, uix tandem gemebundus cum nimia indignacione se mecum loqui non posse signo indicauit.

D1). 179. (sup in ras. D1 )erni D. 180. (ieion in ras. DJ )imu( supra uD2)D. 40 CONTRA RELIGIONIS SIMVLATORES [50] Nonnulli,181 quia scriptum esse norunt "Iustusin 182 inicio accusator est sui,"a in confessione sua falso se humiliant, uiciisque sue perfldie intus obtegentes, leuia queque peccata tanquam criminalia falsis gemitibus plangunt ut ad eos quibus necgligencias suas confitentur magni meriti et pene iam perfecti habeantur; quippe qui leuissima queque ita plangunt inpossibile est eos maioribus culpis obligari.

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