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By V.I. Lebedev

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The ebook includes the equipment and bases of sensible research which are without delay adjoining to the issues of numerical arithmetic and its purposes; they're what one wishes for the comprehend­ ing from a common point of view of principles and techniques of computational arithmetic and of optimization difficulties for numerical algorithms. useful research in arithmetic is now simply the small seen a part of the iceberg. Its aid and summit have been shaped below the impression of this author's own adventure and tastes. This version in English comprises a few additions and alterations in comparison to the second one variation in Russian; found error and misprints have been corrected back right here; to the author's misery, they bounce incomprehensibly from one variation to a different as fleas. The checklist of literature is way from being whole; only a variety of textbooks and monographs released in Russian were integrated. the writer is thankful to S. Gerasimova for her aid and persistence within the advanced technique of typing the mathematical manuscript whereas the writer corrected, rearranged, supplemented, simplified, common­ ized, and more desirable because it looked as if it would him the book's contents. the writer thank you G. Kontarev for the tricky task of translation and V. Klyachin for the superb figures.

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Elements of H. x, x E H for which for 'if f E H (xn' 1) -+ (x, 1) for n -+ 00. • Lemma 3. If a sequence Xn converges strongly to x, then it converges weakly to x. D Indeed, 1(xn,f) for n (x, 1)1 = I(xn - x, 1)1 ~ IIxn - xlillfll-+ 0 -+ 00 . • Lemma 4. If a sequence Xn converges weakly, it is bounded. 5) § 7. Spaces with an Inner Product. Hilbert Spaces 51 Ilx + Yl12 - IIxl12 _ IIYI12: or computing Ilx + Yl12 -ll xl1 2-llyW. 2(x, y) = Lemma 5. Hilbert space is a strictly normed space. o Let the elements x, y E H be such that Square this equality to obtain IIx + yll = Ilxll + Ilyli.

9). 3. Systems of algebraic and transcendental equations. Let a system of n equations be reduced by some transformation to the equivalent form i = 1,2, ... , n. 14) Let x = (Xl, X2, ••• , x n ); then X E Rn. 5). Then a distance between elements x', x" E Rn is determined with the formula p(X', x") = max , Ixi - xi'I. 14) for the iteration process i = 1,2, ... 15) k = 0,1, ... , u? , where x O = (x~,xg, ... ,x~) is some vector of initial approximation. Let in some ball Dr(xo) (as a matter of fact, with our metric this ball is a cube in the space Rn) the system of functions

H") if (hi, h") = 0 for all hi E H', h" E H". A set of elements H' CHis referred to as orthonormed (orthonormed system) if its elements are normed and pairwise orthogonal. Theorem 1. • (Xi =f:. 0) from H forms an orthogonal system, they are linearly independent. o Let us prove it by contradiction. Let there exist the numbers nl! '" nk and scalars AI, A2"'" Ak k LAiXn; i=l k 0:::: IAil > 0) such that i=l = O. Take an inner product of this equality and x nj , i ~ j ~ k to obtain Aj(x nj , x nj ) = 0; since (x nj , xnJ > 0, then Aj = 0, j = 1,2, ...

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