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By Charles Brenner

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This common creation to psycho-analysis has been completely revised to elucidate and refine the innovations offered, and new chapters were extra. complete and lucid, Dr. Brenner's quantity is the integral orientation to the topic for either laymen and scholars.

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In the second, we believe that the organ of sexual excitement and pleasure during her clitoris, which is embryologically the female analogue of the penis. To be sure, this may continue to be true throughout later life, although usually the vagina little girl's this period is replaces the clitoris in this respect. These then are the three ment stages of psychosexual develop- in the child—oral, anal, and phallic—the last of which THE DRIVES 2$ merges into the stage of adult sexual organization at puberty.

There are many ways in which one might do this, but perhaps as good a way as any is to discuss an aspect of the drives which has proved to be particularly significant for both theory and practice, that is, their genetic development. For simplicity's sake let us start with the sexual or erotic drive, since we are more familiar with its development and vicissitudes than we are with those of its sometime partner and sometime rival, the aggressive drive. Psychoanalytic basis of the aggressive drive to theory postulates that those instinctual forces are already at and clamoring for produce the sexual desires of the adult, with all of their pain and bliss.

Indeed, this tendency persists throughout life, but in later life at least it is apt to be largely unconscious in its manifesta- In other words, the adult very often does not know some aspects of thought or behavior or both he is becoming like, that is imitating, another person, or that he has already become like him. In earlier life the desire to be like tions. that in 7 the other person is more likely to be accessible to conscious- THE PSYCHIC APPARATUS 43 by no means always so. Thus, for example, no secret of wanting to be like his father, or later like Superman or Roy Rogers, while in later life he may grow a moustache which is precisely like his new boss's ness, though it is a small boy makes without being conscious of a desire to identify with him.

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