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By Walter L. Hixson (auth.)

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Over the process 3 centuries, American settlers helped to create the richest, strongest kingdom in human historical past, while they killed and displaced hundreds of thousands. This groundbreaking paintings indicates that American heritage is outlined via settler colonialism, supplying a compelling framework in which to appreciate its upward push to international dominance.

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As the Rev. ”51 King Philip’s War thus illustrated the rewards as well as the traumas of total war against the indigenous savages. ”52 The violence threw Puritan society into a state of “hysteria” and left its leaders badly shaken. In 1679 the Puritan leader Increase Mather blamed the war on the sinfulness of the settlers and expressed the fear that Englishmen were “degenerating into beasts,” as they had “run wild into the woods” and fought the savages in “Heathenish” fashion. “We have [become] shamefully Indianized in all those abominable things,” lamented his son and fellow Puritan minister Cotton Mather.

Pre-contact Indians typically did not engage in genocidal campaigns against their rivals. Indigenous people placed limitations on warfare, which paradoxically could also establish a foundation for peaceful relations once both sides’ cultural drives have been satisfied. As gift giving was a critical aspect of indigenous diplomacy, the exchange of captives could serve to mitigate conflict. While Europeans did not introduce violence and militarism, already well ensconced within Indian cultures, colonialism did profoundly intensify indigenous violence.

42 Ambivalent relations encompassing trade and acculturation resumed in New England after the Pequot War. More intensely than the Virginians some of the deeply devout Puritans strove to lead indigenous people to Christian salvation. From 1651 to 1674, the Rev. John Eliot established 14 “praying towns” with over 1,000 Indians in residence. He proved to be one of the rare Europeans willing to try to learn Indian languages, though at the same time he insisted that the indigenes conform to the European mode of dress, appearance, and gender roles.

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