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Court cases of the 1st Intl Congress of Mathematical software program, held August 17-19, 2002 in Beijing, China. aimed toward software program builders in arithmetic and programming mathematicians, but additionally offers possibilities to debate the themes with mathematicians.

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It is distributed with MuPAD and is used by the library package "module" which perf oms the user interface to the module manager. de. 2 Function Help Pages The help pages of module functions consist of six sections whose format and semantics is similar to that used in MuPAD hypertext help pages and also compares to the format of UNIX manuals (man pages): 1. FUNCTION: This section contains the name and a short, one line description of this module function. 2. SYNOPSIS: This section shows how the function has to be called, including its parameter( s) and optional arguments.

From sunsite. 5 Lists, Expressions and Domain Elements Lists (DOM_LIST), expressions (DOM_EXPR) and domain elements (DOM_EXT) are internally represented as a special kind of C/C++ vectors. 6 shows their representation as trees built-up from MuPAD cells as well as the semantics of their operands, respectively elements (children). 7 Domain Elements. 1 for additional type information. 6 Sets, Tables and Domains Sets (DOM_SET), tables (DOM_ TABLE) and domains (DOM_DOMAIN) are dynamic data structures implemented as associative lists (so-called hash tables 3 ).

If an interrupt handler is defined in the module. g. 5 Also refer to MFglobal. 1). Additionally, the attribute static can be set and reset at run-time using the MAPI routine MFstatic. 5When module code is unlinked from the kernel, all values of module variables get lost. 3 Pseudo Modules Pseudo modules consist of machine code that is statically linked when creating the MuPAD kernel. From the user's point of view, pseudo modules provide the same functionality as static modules, but they cannot be unloaded in any way6.

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Algebraic numbers and Diophantine approximation by Kenneth B Stolarsky

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