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If the desired freshman class size for the upcoming academic year is 1100 students, how many students should be admitted? 72. 51L Ϫ 192, expressing the relationship between the length L (in feet) and the expected weight W (in British tons) of adult blue whales, was adopted in the late 1960s by the International Whaling Commission. a. What is the expected weight of an 80-ft blue whale? b. Sketch the straight line that represents the equation. 73. THE NARROWING GENDER GAP Since the founding of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the passage of equal-pay laws, the gulf between men’s and women’s earnings has continued to close gradually.

APPLIED EXAMPLE 11 Predicting the Value of Art Suppose an art object purchased for $50,000 is expected to appreciate in value at a constant rate of $5000 per year for the next 5 years. Use Equation (5) to write an equation predicting the value of the art object in the next several years. What will be its value 3 years from the purchase date? Solution Let x denote the time (in years) that has elapsed since the purchase date and let y denote the object’s value (in dollars). Then, y ϭ 50,000 when x ϭ 0.

16 4. 72 In Exercises 11–18, plot the straight line with the equation. ) 5. 48 6. 86 11. 20x ϩ 30y ϭ 600 12. 30x Ϫ 20y ϭ 600 13. 1y Ϫ 352 ϭ 0 In Exercises 7–10, plot the straight line with the equation over the given interval. 14. 8 15. 2x ϩ 20y ϭ 24 7. 61 ϭ 0; [Ϫ10, 10] 16. 1y ϭ 63 17. Ϫ4x ϩ 12y ϭ 50 8. 32 ϭ 0; [Ϫ10, 20] 18. 3 Linear Functions and Mathematical Models Mathematical Models Regardless of the field from which a real-world problem is drawn, the problem is solved by analyzing it through a process called mathematical modeling.

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