Atomic Nuclear Physics

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By Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

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This publication provides a accomplished assessment of the awesome advances noticeable in atomic physics over the last 50 years. The authors clarify how such growth used to be attainable through highlighting connections among advancements that happened at various instances. They speak about the recent views and the recent study fields that glance promising. The emphasis is positioned, now not on specific calculations, yet really on actual rules. Combining either theoretical and experimental issues, the publication can be of curiosity to quite a lot of scholars, lecturers and researchers in quantum and atomic physics.

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One gets: 1 −iω0 (tf +ti )/2 e g(ω0 − ωL ) ei(ω0 −ωL )ta + ei(ω0 −ωL )tb . 46) 2 We thus add two amplitudes which have the same modulus and a phase difference equal to (ω0 − ωL )(tb − ta ) = (ω0 − ωL )T . If (ω0 − ωL )T = 2nπ, with n = 1, 2, 3, . , the interference is constructive; if (ω0 − ωL )T = (2n + 1)π, the interference is destructive. 5 actually gives the envelope of the field. The two pulses can be considered to be two distinct portions of the same carrier that oscillates at the frequency ωL ≫ 1/τ .

They have been extended to the optical domain and are now systematically used in all high precision spectroscopic and interferometric measurements, as this will be shown in Chap. 18. In Chap. 19, we will discuss also the extension of the concept of quantum interference to more general situations such as multi-particle quantum interference and entangled states. In Sec. 5, we finally consider the case of a two-level atom interacting with a broadband field. 5in ourbook 9 General background described as a fluctuating classical field.

4 Quantum description of field variables We first recall the definition of a field mode for a classical free field (without interactions with particles). Suppose that this field is enclosed in a cubic box of volume L3 with periodic boundary conditions. The field can be expanded on a set of plane transverse waves with wave vector ki and polarization εi perpendicular to ki . The periodic boundary conditions imply that the three components of ki are multiple integers of 2π/L. In the following, we use the index i for characterizing the set ki , εi .

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