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By Alan Chapman

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The writer assumes no earlier wisdom, just a willingness to discover what magick deals, but it’s obvious to an individual with a heritage within the topic that Alan Chapman is drawing on quite a lot of event, from classical Crowleyean Magick to japanese metaphysics, and again back to Discordianism and Chaos Magick. Chapman’s writing-style is funny, direct, seductively logical, and his enthusiasm for the advantages of magick is either tangible and infectious.The amateur magician will certainly locate themselves outfitted to begin all kinds of magickal operations: trance paintings, attraction, divination, or even the various greater varieties of non secular improvement. To skilled magicians, Chapman deals a subtler problem: he revitalizes magick by way of slicing it unfastened from the extraordinary relativism Chaos Magick bequeathed, provocatively redefining it as: “the paintings, technology and tradition of experiencing truth.”

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SEX W I T H STATIONERY Everything I have said so far, however, is old hat. It is both amusing and very sad that no one has advanced the technique of sigilisation for almost a century. Ask yourself: is there a secret mechanism to how magick works? Is there an unfathomable mystery hidden in the omission of repeated letters? Do you really believe in a Cosmic Committee for Correct Sigilisation Process? Fuck the pen and paper. EXERCISE 3 1. Think of something you want to occur. Mentally state it. 2.

BUT I LIKE ARGUING D O W N THE PUB If your reality rests solely on the magical act, and so you can change your experience as you see fit, then any viewpoint or belief is true at the moment you experience it. To argue about 'how magick actually works', as if the truth is not in the experience itself, is indicative of a failure to understand magick. ' If you decide to interact with a god and do so, but then go down the pub to tell your friends you believe gods are simply parts of your personality, you have failed to understand that the truth is in the experience.

Ensure that what you want to occur has a means of manifestation. 3. Choose an experience. 4. Decide that the experience means the same thing as what you want to occur. 5. Perform the act / undergo the experience. 6. Result. Examples of specific magical acts, such as sigilisation, divination, sympathetic magick, possession, evocation and other unspeakable depravities, will be given in the following chapters, all within the glorious context of this arbitrary outline. 5 . M E T H O D T o THE MADNESS OR: 'THE FALLACY O F MAGICAL LAW' A rbitrary magical methods (such as sigilisation) are frequently mistaken for absolute magical laws.

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