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Pierce W. Selwood's Adsorption and Collective Paramagnetism PDF

By Pierce W. Selwood

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These questions have a relation to the interaction of an adsorbed gas on the surface of a ferromagnetic metal. We shall have more to say concerning this matter later. Some of the ideas given above are represented graphically in Figs. 9 and 10. It must be remembered that some of the electrons in metals contribute to the electrical conductivity, and are said to be in the conduction band. 54 HOLE 3d* FIG. 9. Probable distribution of electrons in the 4s and 3d states for nickel at absolute zero, according to the band theory (from Kittel 2 ).

45, 663 (1939). CHAPTER IV The Measurement of Saturation Magnetization 1. The Experimental Problem A major purpose of this work is to improve our understanding of the binding forces operative between adsorbent and adsorbate. One method of doing so, in appropriate cases, is to measure the change in the magnetic moment of the adsorbent atoms per molecule of vapor adsorbed. We shall now describe the experimental arrangement for these measurements. If one deals with a ferromagnetic sample there can be no question that accurate determination of the magnetic moment per atom, fiA, requires a measurement of Ms at temperatures sufficiently low that an extrapolation to find M0 is feasible.

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