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By Milton Heifetz, Wil Tirion

ISBN-10: 0521689457

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What megastar is that? the place is the Southern go? Who was once Orion? Answering those questions and lots of extra, this booklet turns into an important touring significant other for beginner astronomers heading out of the country. Its particular simplified maps make it effortless to discover the constellations within the southern hemisphere skies, and the celebs inside of them. transparent directions consultant the consumer on tips to gauge sizes and distances, and circulate simply among constellations. This new version has been up-to-date with extra mythology info, and an inventory of the planet positions as much as 2016. Of worth to every age, this booklet introduces the styles of the starry skies in a memorable manner. No apparatus is required to take advantage of this sensible advisor: except common sight and transparent skies. fantastically illustrated, this is often a fantastic advent to surprising stars that would have astronomers of all degrees watching on the skies very easily.

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49 A walk through the heavens Fig. 30 – Facing North - April 10 pm - Horizon for 25° S Spica in VIRGO Denebola in LEO Arcturus 1 BOOTES Cor Caroli 2 CORONA BOREALIS CANES VENATICI Alphecca 3 2 4 5 5 5 BIG DIPPER 6 4 3 6 7 1 Alkaid 2 Alioth 7 3 1 Dubhe 50 4 A walk through the heavens To locate Arcturus in Bootes (Fig. 29). Best seen 9 pm May 1 to August 1 To locate Cor Caroli in Canes Venatici ✶ A line from Star 7 of Ursa Major going between Stars 4 and 5 leads to Cor Caroli. Bootes looks like a giant kite.

Best seen 9pm March 1 to 9 pm mid-June To locate Cancer (Fig. 32) The very faint constellation of Cancer lies in the center of the triangle formed by Procyon of Canis Minor, Pollux of Gemini and Regulus of Leo. In the center of the square of Cancer is a faint cluster of stars called the Beehive or Praesepe. Leo looks like a toy horse. The head, chest and front legs look like a backwards question mark. There are two stars in Leo whose names you should learn. Star 6 is Regulus, which means Little King.

41 A walk through the heavens Canopus Fig. 25 – Facing North - December 10 pm To Achernar Acamar COLUMBA LEPUS CANIS MAJOR Sirius Zaurak ERIDANUS 7 Rigel 8 Cursa ORION Menkar in CETUS 6 5 4 3 SUMMER TRIANGLE 2 1 Hyades Procyon Betelgeuse CANIS MINOR Aldebaran Pleiades TAURUS El Nath AURIGA PERSEUS GEMINI Pollux Castor Almak in ANDROMEDA Capella Mirfak 42 A walk through the heavens Pathways from Orion To locate Taurus and its star clusters the Hyades and the Pleiades To locate Sirius in Canis Major (Fig.

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