Bela G. Liptak's A Testament of Revolution PDF

By Bela G. Liptak

ISBN-10: 1585441201

ISBN-13: 9781585441204

This learn peels away a long time of intervening heritage to supply a firsthand examine the short, doomed fight of Hungarian freedom combatants opposed to Russian oppressors. Written in 1956 in an Austrian refugee camp, the memoir info the occasions of the clash and the author's personal adventure.

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The station was just on the other side of the Danube (see fig. ). The time must have been about nine o’clock. When they returned, they reported that the censors at the radio were willing to broadcast our demands in a news bulletin, but only if we deleted the most critical demands dealing with the Russians, Poland, free elections, freedom of the press, and the formation of a new government under Imre Nagy. Instead of bargaining with the censors, our delegation simply returned to the university.

I got the name before he was born, when I was the little one compared to my older brother, Péter. So at that time it made sense, but the name stuck to me, as do most family nicknames. In the corner of the kitchen my father, Aptyi, was talking excitedly with two of our neighbors. Their hats were still on and their hands held half-empty wine glasses. I heard the mispronounced name Eisenhoffer—Eisenhower—over and over again, but I was not paying much attention. ” She gave me a bowl of steaming hot bean soup, but no bread.

I argued that Americans conceived the Marshall plan, and there were American volunteers fighting against Franco’s fascists in Spain. “Americans, too, have a heart. They, too, like to sleep at night,” I added. I also pointed out that we were not asking the Americans for anything, that tomorrow there would be no clashes with anybody; we would simply be holding a peaceful demonstration with a legal permit, and our march would be led by a communist colonel! M. but was up by : to catch the : train.

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