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By Steve Mason

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A clash that erupted among Roman legions and a few Judaeans in past due A.D. sixty six had an incalculable influence on Rome's actual visual appeal and imperial governance; on historic Jews bereft in their mother-city and temple; and on early Christian fortunes. historic scholarship and cinema alike are inclined to see the clash because the fruits of lengthy Jewish resistance to Roman oppression. during this quantity, Steve Mason re-examines the warfare in all correct contexts (e.g., the Parthian measurement, Judaea's position in Roman Syria) and levels, from the Hasmoneans to the autumn of Masada. Mason ways each one subject as a old research, clarifying difficulties that must be solved, knowing the to be had proof, and contemplating eventualities that would clarify the proof. the easiest reconstructions make the clash extra humanly intelligible whereas casting doubt on bought wisdom.

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Cf. 216; Ant. 48. D. 124 Vespasian’s second project was the temple for the deified emperor Claudius on the Caelian hill, which had been initiated by Claudius’ widow and Nero’s mother Agrippina (Suetonius, Vesp. 1). Vespasian had reasons to honour Claudius. D. 51125 and Vespasian enjoyed a life-long love affair with Caenis, a freedwoman of Claudius’ mother Antonia. D. 128 In many ways, then, the consciously old-fashioned reigns of Claudius and Vespasian formed bookends around the fiasco (as they saw it) of Nero,129 a consideration that might help us think about other personal connections relevant to the Judaean War (Chapter 5).

Feldman (2001: 20–31, 60) is a glossy and highly readable account. For contextual interpretation, see Millar 2005: 117–19. Hopkins and Beard 2005: 32–34 are among those skeptical of this reading. Alföldy 1995: 223–26. The name was reduced to almost coin-like brevity: “Imp. Caes. ” Because father and son shared the name Titus Flavius Vespasianus, and the inscription used only Vespasianus, Titus’ people needed only to cram in a T to update the benefactor (Alföldy 1995: 208–13). Alföldy (1995: 226): It can “also be understood as a monument to the victims whose tragedy was the cost of this grandeur”; cf.

Tacitus, Hist. 66; Suetonius, Vesp. 3; Tit. 2, 4, 6; cf. Jones 1992: 4–14; Levick 1999: 14–22. The Praetorian Prefects connected with Claudius and Vespasian were both named M. Arrecinus Clemens, and Titus’ first wife was Arrecina Tertulla. 2–3; Talbert 1984: 160). Titus would go much further, as both senator and heir to the throne, in assuming that post through much of the 70s. Syme 1970b: 38–39. Corbulo had been governor of Lower Germany and proconsul of Asia under Claudius.

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