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Through investigating the main alterations of global background in the past years, this publication offers the mandatory worldwide point of view to appreciate the geopolitical and geoeconomic alterations dealing with us at the present time. we've reached a vital transitional level in international historical past during which the realm will not be formed via the one photo of western modernism, yet more and more through clone of all cultures and civilizations. the necessity to take a global view--which this booklet provides--has develop into acute.

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England not only had the advantage over France in terms of location and insularity, the compactness of England had encouraged national unity, centralized government and the rule of law. By 1500 the first of the Tudors, Henry VII (b. 1457, reigned 1485– 1509) had become firmly established on the English throne. In Elizabeth I, Tudor England found the strongest queen it had ever had. Queen at 25, for 40 years she outwitted and outfought all England’s enemies. It was during her reign that the foundations of Britain’s future maritime predominance were laid.

By the eighteenth century sea power had become the basis of all British strategy. The song, ‘Rule Britannia, Britain rules the waves . ’ was first sung in 1740. By then English parliamentarianism and constitutionalism had triumphed over monarchical absolutism. The fight against the divine right of kings culminated in the English Civil War (1642–48) out of which the military dictator Oliver Cromwell (1599–1658) emerged as the victor and Charles I (b. 1600, executed 1649) as the victim. Parliamentarianism was furthered by the ‘Glorious Revolution’ against James II in 1688.

Prussia similarly benefited from Polish, Swedish and other German territory. Sweden (which in 1809 had ceded Finland to Russia) obtained Norway from Denmark. Norway was appeased by being granted a separate constitution (it became completely independent in 1905). Denmark’s loss was offset by the transfer to it of German Lauenburg. Of all the countries Poland fared worst; but then Poland was weak, and the Poles had squabbled among themselves. 15 The terms might have been harsher if the Allies had not feared Russia.

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